Saturday, September 17, 2011

Woodcutter's Trail

The woodcutter's trail was considered the wildest trail in all of Singapore.This nature reserve cuts from east to west through central catchment from Bukit Timah to Upper Thomson . With so many trails, one may need to bring a map or GPS with them to avoid being lost or delayed following different trail. Going to Upper Peirce, you may encounter monkeys along the way.

On this hike, we ended up to the Upper Peirce Reservoir, which was inaugurated by PM Lee Kuan Yew on February 1977.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Gunung Arong

A day hike activity to Gunong Arong was a complete leisurely trekking experience. The trail was not bad, and depending on the pacing of the group you can reach at the summit in less than an hour. Its 898 feet to summit enough satisfy your craving for nature adventure. It is 17km from Mersing and 22 km from Endau, West Malaysia.

As you exit this protected forest is a beautiful beach awaiting you with the white sands and the sea calling you to take a dip and be refreshed!

feels like in the pilot of episode of LOST,
where you have the beach and the mountain behind you
September 3,2011