Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Post Yolanda: Camotes Island

Camotes: Mangudlong and Lake Danao,
Post Yolanda: 29 November 2013
 Lake Danao
 Mangudlong Beach Resort

 Roro Port, Camotes

 On the way to Cebu

Yolanda: The Super Typhoon

Yolanda or Haiyan as it is internationally known, wreaked havoc to much of Eastern Visayas or most of the Central Philippines, here is some of the damage caused by Yolanda to our side of Cebu which is also affected by the onslaught of the said super typhoon that hit Philippines last 8 November 2013.

 A quick check at the road prior to Yolanda/Haiyan landfall

The camino/pathway: Before

 Damaged caused by the strong winds brought about by Yolanda

 Checking the damage
 This is the "camino"/pathway were littered with fallen branches,
 or uprooted trees and electric post

  On the way to the beachfront.