Friday, July 19, 2013

The Journey : 7 Days (alone) at Phuket

I have booked myself for 7 days trip to Phuket with no clear itinerary nor traveling buddy  for some reason.

Flight TR2158 to Phuket was delayed, due to late arrival of the aircraft, and to facilitate some cleaning and refueling. I'm not worried but a little bit concerned for I have not booked any airport transfer for late night arrival. But, I have been meaning to do this (to travel alone) but not at this circumstances, however, here I am.

18 July 2013, about 2100 hrs. Phuket International Airport. 

Airport Transfers or transport to respective hotel is available at the the airport arrival area, from Taxis to Minibuses. I chose, the minibus(van) and paid 180 baht for the one way trip. We have to wait for other passengers though to get the maximum seating capacity of the van. Approximately 30 minutes to an hour later, we arrived at the minibus head office to plan our route to Patong for all passengers. So we gave our respective hotels' addresses inside their office  for them to do the route planning systematically.

Arrived at the hotel, past midnight. Quickly checked in, dropped the bag and head for a late dinner at Tandoor Restaurant and grab some coco juice while waiting for the food to be served.

Time to get refreshed with hot bath.Chat with friend(s), watch some late night news and some French documentary in English subtitle, until sleep took over the rest of the night.

19 July 2013 ,Another  day, a good morning, and little self portrait and waved hi!


 Took some late lunch and little strolling at the Patong Beach under a 3'o clock heat. "Window shopping" for some activities for the week and other stuff, to get re-acquainted with the area.


 Time to go back to the hotel and listen to music of Sungha and Jun Curry Ahn and take some rest.

 Time checked: 1711 hours...thinking should I go out tonight or  buy some beer and drink inside the hotel and chat,weird isn't it, I am in  this beautiful place and  locked myself in the hotel? Of course not.Ended up with  Heineken to call it a day.

20 July 2013. 1400hrs, local time or I thought it was. I went out for for lunch,and had a stroll to Jungceylon, a famous mall here in Phuket, until I reached to Robinson-SF Cinemas and bought instead a ticket for 630PM Pacific Rim, not realizing that Thailand, is an hour  late from where I came from, when I checked  in, the staff  smiled and told me, that it is still 530PM and my movie will start 630PM ,I apologized and smiled back and a bit embarrassed.

2100 hrs, now local time, watched a light show,  a dinner and head back to the hotel.

21 July 2013. Lazy Sunday. Don't know what to do today. Nevertheless, just got a fresh air by the beach with some fruit shake and stroll and stroll again. Regular pattern.

22 July 2013. Monday. Nothing much for today. Stayed in my hotel room for the entire day. It rain in the early evening though, just went out for dinner and buy some snacks for midnight. Did some chatting though and TV surfing.

23 July 2013. The weather is ok, the wind is just right. Time to do parasailing, quite a view from above, did it scare, nope, did it excite me, yes! (I'm more scared  from the The Plunge in Bohol), maybe because there is someone with me to help steer the chute and people from below to help control the landing, and Oh yes, definitely, I will try this again.


24 July 2013. A full day activity, Here comes the heavy rain early in the morning but still hopeful it will not spoil the itinerary for the day.

Welcome to Phang Nga

The Tsunami Memorial.

The Turtle Farm.

 The Falls.

The Zoo


Bamboo Rafting. No cameras allowed, so here is a photo for  a price.

Elephant Ride. Yes, that's Ivory and finally able to hold the fabled elephant tusk for ivory.


The cave  temple

25 July 2013. 3PM hotel pick up, and  goodbye Phuket, see you around next time. Reality hits back! Singapura here I come!