Monday, November 26, 2012


September 30- October 3,2012
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

 I wanna go there!
 View of the mighty Mt. Kinabalu from the lodge

 "majestic sky canvass"

 Final  pose before the long trek up!
 Entrance gate and the final briefing to the summit trail

 Here goes!


 Halfway up, the weather changes..

  the famous Laba Rata,
 our shelter for the night before the  2AM ascent to the peak

 Sunset view
 Finally, we have some sun for the pix!
 Bear in mind: Follow the rope, or lost in the mist

 Finally, the peak , Low's Peak at 4095.2 masl
 Who says, its not crowded at the top?

 with some parting shots...

 one final, last look, hopefully its not my last,
 got to try the other route, soon..
 long way down...
 the cloud opens, for sneak peek below

 still amazed and awed!

 The Gate to the Peak: View from the top
 On the way down..

 Granite rock markings
marching order:  no matter what happens, follow the rope


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