Saturday, July 10, 2010


Palawan. The Last Frontier. One thing always comes to mind, when Palawan is mentioned. It always remind me of Spratlys Island or the Kalayaan Group of Island. |It may sound (emotionally) patriotic but seeing how our government ill-equipped to protect the shores and seas of our country, no wonder other countries will not think twice to underestimate or test our ability to defend this country. But this is just one thing; I'm here to break free of stress and just to have good time.

An 8 hour road trip from Puerto Princesa, criss-crossing through the mountains of Palawan which is now has an on going road projects, hoping travel time will lessen with the paved roads going to and from El Nido-Puerto Princesa. The ride is long but you can help but wonder, how beautiful the Philippines is, seeing the forest as you passed by, how does their language evolved, how does the name derived, its geology, people and what makes Tagalog became widely spoken, these and among others you will learn as you go along with the city tour.

I wish to go back there someday and I want to go through the same, long but enjoyable ride to El Nido.


  1. The island of Palawan is getting more attention lately, because the whole island itself is a paradise not just the beaches. there are loads of adventure trips to do in the island, it's another great destination for local and foreign travelers.

  2. waynee, suya ko sa el nido. :-) ~MerciMe

  3. hehehe, lets all go there! hehehe

    Huwag Maging dayuhan sa sariling bayan!