Monday, June 28, 2010

Whitewater rafting

Whitewater rafting in Cagayan de Oro River was certainly one of the best water adventure I been to so far. Not only it took no less than 3 hours of exhilarating ride to complete the entire whitewater adventure but also seeing the panoramic view of of the river rocky walls and to learn that at one time, the other side of the river is Bukidnon and the other side the CDO certainly amazes me for I only read this with emphasis in Europe and other continents where river is the national boundary.

The adventure starts with distributing rafting gears such as the floating vests, paddle and the head gear. Then you will be asked to put in all valuables to waterproof bag which be carried along the raft. Other belonging maybe picked up at the disembarkation point down river.

Then a briefing on how to properly hold the paddle and safety concerns. When one is thrown overboard, how to pick him up, when nearer the raft, use the paddle and not your arm as this may cause injury, and when is further away, a safety floating device will be thrown away and ask you to hold onto the line and will be pulled back up. And it is advisable that when in water, one is always on the lying position as you will not know if there are big rocks or sharp objects under the water.

And the most important of all, follow all the commands of your river guide, whether to back paddle, forward or to stop paddling.

Your river guide, will tell you about a narrative about the river and depends on his wealth of knowledge of the place, not only it will be an adventure but also an educational one!

To complete it all, we went to Iligan for another bus ride to the Ma.Cristina Falls and Timoga Springs

Rafting 101

Ma.Cristina Falls, Iligan (NAPOCOR)

Ma.Cristina Falls, IliganCDO-Iligan. June 20-21,2009


  1. These picture says it all, a perfect example of a wet and wild adventure. this must have been an awesome time for you guys, their faces show it.

  2. yup! Extremely satisfied! =)