Sunday, August 22, 2010

August Rush-Singapore

Skyline at Marina Bay
The HelixThe MerlionThe Fullerton Hotel
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Universal Studios
The Singapore Flyer

The exPAlmsters!The exPAlmsters!The Cond0mates

Balatero KidsTo-ong FamilyTraveller's Best Friend
Singapore. The Lion City. This city-state, small as she is, is the world's fourth leading financial centre and play a key role in an international trade and finance.

As with any other successful cities in the world, it attracts foreigners for either business opportunity,or to many, a job opportunity with better pay or as a tourist who just wants to experience Singapore for its so called, clean city, law and order, a well disciplined citizenry, efficient system of government and everything seems to complement each other. And that is why I was there to experience and observe first hand what Singapore is.

And yes, readily observed, Singapore was successful urban planning story.

My personal experience to the Lion City seems to confirm what I read so far at least to what is observable, as I roamed around the city, efficient transport system, clean streets, residential buildings and a lot of signage! Yes-signage, to guide your way around the city, as if you are walking in a biggest themed park.

I wish we could copy Singapore, on how they plan, organize and execute ,if we just have the will power, strong political will who can change of what is now become a standard of mediocrity, who have the iron will that can let her citizens follow to the heart the tasks and challenge at hand, to turn this city into a progressive, clean and make the entire city into a Metropolitan City Museum and do the same to each and every city throughout the entire country?

From Capitol grounds to Colon, to the old buildings of Manalili St, Legazpi, and in around sea ports and to the rest of the Cebu, improved transport system, improved version of jeepneys, designated stops, route maps, horse drawn carriages and a lot more!

Can we make personal sacrifices to achieve this?

Unfortunately, I only have a week to stay and too many places to go and check but those short 1 week is enough for me to experience Singapore, learn from her, her diverse culture and how so many people with varied ethnic origins have lived peacefully amongst each other, how they value their limited resources , and how they changed their country into one of the most admired financial powers in the world.

A CAN DO attitude is just what we need!

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