Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cuernos de Negros

Mt.Talinis is 2nd most popular mountain peaks in the Visayas after Mt.Madja-as. Also known as Mt.Cuernos de Negros, is stratovolcano with an elevation of about 1,903 m (6,243 ft) above sea level. This is one of the mountain peaks of the 7,100 islands that Philippines has to offer.

Much of Mt.Talinis, I believed, at least for the major sites is already documented but the experience, the thrill and the satisfaction you get is unique to everyone but one thing is common -the feeling of achievement, after those long walk or climb if you will, the load that you carry, water discipline,(specially me that in ordinary day, I drink like a camel) among others and here you go, at the most least traveled,visited and exclusive only to those who dared chose it. And that same feeling keep and draws me to the mountain.

It is in this experience that you test your true physical strength and the success is measured not because of the strength of one but of each other and it begin with the self discipline, training exercise and most specially, the belief in oneself that you can do it.

In so far as those mountains that I've been, never has this feeling that would suggest that I don't want to do it again because I've been there already but instead, but to want more, and I even gained more and more respect to the mountains, that one can never underestimate.

And to all my friends, way to go!

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