Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The First Climb: A look back

Bacolod City. Sunday. January 24,2009

Ready for a major climb?

On the way to Patag, with cloud cover seen ahead

Behind us, is the "Tinagong Dagat"

This is the climb that led to the series of events one rainy , foggy weekend in Patag, Silay. Six ambitious individuals set to challenge to take a glimpse and admire the hidden grandeur of this silent mountain and the so called "Tinagong Dagat".

Underestimating the might of this mountain, the group, did little to prepare, physically and logistically or gearwise not knowing what to expect soon.

This was a disaster climb but it did teach us a lesson, a lesson that will be forever engraved i n our mind and will set as reminder for the succeeding climbs. The will to survive, to pass the test and our resolve to complete the trek no matter how tired, cold, painfully slow the pace is, made that difference! For we all made it! For our body maybe bruised, "leeched " but our spirit is strong!

What a journey indeed for we have come to know more about ourselves with the experience we have gained ,how we got to know and respect even more mother nature.

And with this experience, the challenge is set for more adventures to come!.

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