Wednesday, June 9, 2010

River Trekking

Enjoying what nature has to offer, readied our sandals, sunscreens, shades and water, for we are to trek and traverse the mountains of Labangon-Talisay, following the river trail ending up to the Igottan cave (Underground River).

What exciting scenery indeed, seeing the trees, flowers, hilltop from a distance and enjoying every moment of it and to feel the occasional wind breeze to this hot summer day is a cool, welcome relief, hearing the singing birds, the sound of the crisp dry leaves when we walked on them.

"For every single step is a time for yourself with nothing but the sound of your breath and nature around you and of course the friends with you"

Passing through Buhisan Dam, following the river trail to an almost dry to dry riverbed and ending up to Igotann Cave.

Buhisan Dam

Welcome to Igotann Cave
Igotann Cave

Enjoying nature at its best!

March 22,2009

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