Saturday, June 26, 2010

Rediscovering Bohol- EAT Danao

Rediscovering Bohol! I have been to Bohol, like you, several times, but mostly for their beaches, the famous Loboc river cruise, Balicasag snorkeling but this time, we went there for another taste of adventure- The EAT Danao.

Its the eco-tourism setup to benefit the municipality of Danao, Bohol and its people. EAT Danao stands for ECO ADVENTURE TOUR, EXTREME ADVENTURE TOUR and EDUCATIONAL ADVENTURE TOUR. There are many activities that you can explore and experience but for this visit, we tried Spelunking (caving) first for it would take 3 hours to complete including rest and photo stops (not to mention, the mud and going through the underground river) , the adrenaline pumping The Plunge, Suislide and the sight seeing of course.

But aside from that, they also have rubber tubing, kayaking, trekking, root climbing rappellng, biking, village tour, historical tour etc to boost their adventure package. These are your choices of activities when you visit EAT DANAO, depending on your time, and need for adventure and budget, you can try them all.

You can also visit historical churches of Bohol, visit their museum,and a stopover to Sagbayan Peak as we did.

Indeed, you are not paying for the ride, but you are paying for the experience!

Church Visits
Visiting Bohol Museum
Sagbayan Peak, Kidstown

Team and Li Family

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