Friday, June 11, 2010

Paghandum ni Magsaysay

Mt.Manunggal became famous because of the ill fated flight of Douglas C-47 named Pinatubo, crashed in the area. It is located in Barangay Magsaysay in Balamban, Cebu and rises to a height of 1003 meters above sea level. The plane carries the 7th President of the Republic of the Philippines, other high ranking government and military officials and his media entourage . All died on the accident except but one news journalist.

Going through Mt.Manunggal nowadays is much easier now, if one chooses to as it is already accessible by vehicle. But one can still choose and enjoy adventure by following through the established trail leading to the crash site.

The commemoration or the Paghandum ni Magsaysay usually done every first or 2nd week of March. As of last year, there were already live bands, food stalls, and used clothing for sale or ukay-ukay also in display and of course the organized adventure climbs to the crash site.

The bust of Pres.Magsaysay

Douglas C-47 engine preserved

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Mt.Manunggal, March 14-15,2009

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