Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mt.Patag Revisited

MAC Team's first attempt last January 2009 to climb Mt.Patag was not an easy one but certainly the most memorable one in terms of experience and lessons learned.With all worst weather you can imagine during the ascent for a first-timer,the team was able to reach the camp site,then flooded, and we, exhausted, cold, disappointed with the outcome, the team vowed to go back and re -climb it again. (refer to prev. travel blog)

The date: May 24-25, 2009, with weather forecast of rainy days for the entire week and mist on a Sunday, the team thought, we will have another dejavu but to our surprise, nature provided us with the best possible weather you can imagine during the climb!

Back then, we experienced Tinagong Dagat, now we saw a soccer field!

Everything went on scheduled and as planned, with bonus trek to a waterfalls known as "Pulang Tubig". Notoriously known because during the Japanese time, these falls flowed with blood soaked water during the war.

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